Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lessons from a Stranger & Life as we know it

This weekend I visited my best friend Julia at her University for Halloween. I was originally supposed to be a pioneer, but ended up some sort of fairy ballerina. I'll put up some pictures when I get them.
On Saturday we went to the grocery store and as we were in an aisle choosing gravy, I noticed I was in a man's way while trying to find the spot to put a packet back on the shelf. I immediately manifested feelings of pressure to hurry up as I mumbled words of quick apologies.
Once I put the item back, the man continued walking by me saying, "Don't worry so much. Life is too short to be in a hurry." In my head all I could think of was thank you, thank you, thank you! in complete and utter acknowledgement. I couldn't agree more with what he said to me. But all I could muster up was a quick smile and a chuckle.

On my post from October 1st, I wondered what the month would bring to me. And something huge did happen. Throughout my spiritual journey from nearly a year ago, I have experienced plenty of awakenings and epiphanies and the month of October brought me a delightful confirmation of something I have been seeking an answer to for quite some time.


I came to the truest of all true realizations about life as we know it, and I must have been Enlightened because when the moment occurred I froze with an unearthly yet beautiful sensation deep within. The word enlighten means to gain awareness or knowledge, and I gained total understanding as to what and who we are as living, breathing organisms here on Earth in this miraculously strange Universe.

And what we are is consciousness. Awareness.

Forget about your desires, your goals, your influences, your body, your past, your future. All there ever is, is right now. All there ever is, is perpetual consciousness.
And I have for quite some time adopted this way of thinking, but it was the fact that I gained the understanding as to how it is that I thought about things this way - and it was the event of exquisite Enlightenment.

This was something important that happened to me in October. Thought I'd share. Now all I can wonder is, what will this November bring? ;)

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