Thursday, January 10, 2013


Today I turned 22 years old. I must say I do feel older. I feel like I'm really in my twenties if you know what I mean. More mature in that respect, although, really I'm no different. Birthdays are funny days. I feel special.

Yesterday my dad took me out to get a few things and it was a successful outing indeed - complete with a delicious salmon dinner. Today I've just had a very simple day that consisted of sleeping in, a smoothie at Booster Juice and a couple hours of yoga. Oh and my new favourite pants from Aritzia. Perfect.

So... last year for my 21st birthday I elaborated on the teachings of the chakras and the cycles of human development we go through. Every 7 years we enter a new base theme, starting with the root up to crown. Within those 7 year cycles, each individual year is comprised of an individual main theme, from root to crown. I am currently in a base theme of the 4th chakra - the Heart chakra - which lasts through ages 22-28 and represents: Unfolding the qualities of the heart, love, compassion, sharing, sincere involvement, selflessness and healing. Within this base theme, we are under what's called a "main theme", so I am now under a new main theme of the Sacral chakra! YAY! (Last year I was under the Root chakra). This main theme denotes: primordial feelings, flowing with life, sensuality, eroticism, creativity, awe and enthusiasm.

I've already sensed that 2-13 was going to be a good year for me. A full year. A warm year. Soft, cuddly, comfortable. Easy, flowy, yet still changing and filled with healing. (But literally, the number 2013 looks warm and comforting. 2012 looks dark, sharp and harsh and was, quite frankly, just that). I feel that my theme for this year fits nicely with how I intuit it to be.

It's actually nice having my birthday at the very beginning of the year, truly makes it feel like a fresh start. I actually know so many people born in January, or at least Capricorns. Most people in my family are born in January and many of my friends are as well.

I'm definitely looking forward to what this year and this new age will bring to me.

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