Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: A Sacred, Solitary Celebration

Last night for the first time I had the most healing, sacred and solitary New Year ceremony. I cancelled all of  my original plans with friends to sit with myself and celebrate the reining in of 2013 alone. 

I didn't have any particular plans or agenda on exactly how I would carry out this little ritual, but I knew it would include a few of my dearly cherished trinkets: oracle cards to provide me with inspiration and insights for the new year; tingcha bells to clear old energies; my pendulum to guide me; my new 2013 calendar for focus; my yoga mat for grounding; beeswax candles conscientiously placed around my room for cleansing and light, and myself: lotus pose for breathing, a quiet mind for being.

Ten minutes to midnight, I rang the bells above my cards. Shuffling them I asked what it is I need to know for this year... and so it is: purification, meditation.

And so I wrote, notepad and pen in hand:
2 minutes to midnight
2 things I intend


The clock turned 11:59 and I peered around myself, my little circle of healing, taking in these last few moments of 2012. I always get a bit nervous toward the last moments of the year, there's a feeling of farewell.

I closed my eyes. Clock struck midnight. Without me having to check the time, I breathed in as I heard my mother, her boyfriend and my brother cheer from downstairs. Abruptly and unexpectedly, I wept. I had this overwhelming emotion wash over me of joy or relief I don't quite know, but the awareness of a passing year that was very trying for me quite literally moved me to tears.

Happy New Year, 2013. This is my year for mindfully breathing, being and healing.

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