Friday, December 14, 2012

Lessons & Release

I went for a walk yesterday afternoon. Stood on a breezy cliff, sat on a field. It was mild for a December day. The sunny sun beamed as the wind seeped down my neck, beneath my heavy parka.

Patiencestrengthrelease. I feel as though life has been speaking to me through lessons, weaving its cosmic words through the fabric of my existence.

A plethora of emotion, strange events, negative energy and healing has been at the forefront of my days. I see it all as major, monumental lessons. It's funny that so much internal darkness is being brought into the light; there is major shifting occurring in my life as is with others.

Acknowledging and releasing much of the dormant, lingering negative energy that has been residing inside of me has been in the limelight, so to speak. It's seemingly befitting for the magical yet nonsensical happenings of these very days. Lots of my healing lately has been with the help of my dear kindreds, as well as alone in sweet solitude. Writing, speaking out loud to my Higher Self and some magical emotional freedom technique have been my allies. Still though, I am allowing myself the space and time to process and marinate in all of the changes around me as I prepare for 2013's new beginning just around the corner. Oh how I am eager to write about my wretched year of 2012! Fun indeed! But in all honesty, I am very ready to start anew...

I think I should transfer all of my poetry and blog posts over from my Free Spirit Journal to here, so that I have it all in one place. Operating two blogs makes me feel messy and uneasy.

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