Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Manifestation & Magic

I don’t even know where to begin! That’s how major my life changes have been these days. You know how I’m feeling? Infinite. By infinite I mean fully embracing my innate power as a human being. We are so powerful! So much is changing and shifting lately, and has been for many months now. Can you feel it?

I think back to my life years ago when I was mostly lead by fear and insecurity; treading along behind the rest because, well, that’s just how it was. Beneath the layers of shallow, dull living reside deep, powerful, full-forced infinite potential. We all have it within us. Accessing it is a matter of taking a step back, viewing our lives objectively, and, perhaps, arriving at an oftentimes completely unintentional life-altering, mind-blowing, terrifying yet ecstatic awakening. That’s what I experienced in my life, anyway. It did and still does involve a series of life-changing epiphanies and revelations.

When you put forth your true intentions and focus on what you want, you inevitably manifest your deepest desires. It’s all magic, quite frankly. Things appear in your life. This occurence actually reminds me of something I have been pondering lately. You know how we grow up learning about magic (and even going as far as villains who want to rule the world) only to be true in movies, existing as only a fairy-tale, a fabrication? Well, I have learned that those very things are actually real. Yep. You heard me. We are damn magical. I’m even a witch, who makes potions. Oh my!

When I say things can just *appear* in your life at the right time, just like you’d imagine such things by snapping your fingers, I’m being serious. We are capable of focusing on something that we want to manifest or appear in our lives, and literally have it come to be. Oh, Universe! How I enjoy relishing in your infiniteness!

What are you focusing on these days? And in turn, what are your current life manifestations? Are you manifesting what you want? You simply are where you are because that is what you are focusing on. :)

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