Friday, November 30, 2012

Lunar Shenanigans

Polona said it well when she explained the intensity behind November 28th's full moon and lunar eclipse:

"In these times of the intense energies that are culminating around the lunar eclipse today, we are asked to bring anything that still lies in the dark, into the Light of the Truth ... Symbolically, the Moon represents our shadow (that which is not aware), as the Sun represents our Light (our awareness), so as the Moon passes through, the shadow wishes to be exposed to the Light. We are asked to just BE and allow the new awareness to rise up to the surface. Know that we cannot run from anything, especially ourselves, because we experience through our own existence. We have to face everything head on, with honesty, courage and devotion."

It is exactly the concept of this that I have been experiencing, and with great intensity indeed! A lot of supressed intuitive callings within me have been bursting and truly brought into the light. Much of my "shadow", so to speak, has certainly been exposed and tested. It's always so funny when I notice that I experience particularly trying situations around a time when such experiences would be called for. This lunar eclipse has been fierce, that is for sure.

Breathe, allow, be. Release resistance. Acknowledge the ego, our egoic thought patterns, and observe them passing through and out. These days we really require that extra gentleness and understanding within ourselves.

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