Monday, September 3, 2012

Autumn e s q u e

Happy September! I went for a stroll by the lake this afternoon with my brother. All around me were the teasings of fall. Red & orange hued leaves are beginning to rest on the Earth's floor. Not quite yet, but very soon, I'll be enveloped in my very favourite season. I cannot put into words enough just how much I resonate with the fall. I'm not a sweltering-heat summer girl nor am I a fan of the blistering cold winters. I like the in-betweens. The breezes and enchantment of release in the autumn~time and the birth & blossom of the spring. I could express myself poetically for eternity about how such a time of year makes me feel. I cannot wait for the landscape of fall to really paint itself in the coming weeks, it is then that I will write with such wonder and awe.

Today's affirmation:

I trust my inner wisdom. I trust the information that I receive from my deeper resources and intuition.

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