Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Scribblings: Drought

A long time ago I was directed to a blog, Sunday Scribblings, that provides writing-prompts. A word to source some inspiration of something to write about. I haven't done it since last year, and seeing as today is Sunday, I thought it be a good day to reunite with it. Today's word is drought.

Naturally I'd like to write a poem, but instead I'm feeling compelled to just write about my thoughts on that word. Drought. It can go many different ways, and my mind's eye is focusing in on metaphors and analogies that surround the concept of going through a period of time in our lives when there is little sustenance; a lack of substance. Those times when we find ourselves amidst a life of "drought". Wishing and waiting for "rain", symbolically representing peace, balance, freedom or an open door; satiety or repletion, or whatever the idea of precipitation means to you, to feed our thirsty hearts.

In this case, I am referring to rain as a representation of redemption, so to speak. Something to long for when we're all dried up. Wherever we are in our lives, whatever path we are on or stage we are at; whether we feel that need for revitalization just as a thirsty, coiled floret... rainfall will always ensue to replenish our withered bones.


  1. I liked your concept of drought and would have dearly loved a poem from you expressing the thoughts you enumerated. Expressions such as "thirsty hearts" and "withered bones" definitely deserve a more poetic airing. Please me next time!

  2. Hi, Meghan. My name means "rain" and I've loved it forever. Rain does brighten life at its darkest moments, doesn't it? Especially that first summer rain here in India, when the earthy scent of it is everywhere. Great post.

  3. Thank you everybody! Next time I will surely write a poem... :) Thank you kindly for visiting :) And Varsha, that's beautiful!


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