Wednesday, June 6, 2012

perpetual transmutation

You know what's funny?
How things change.

And it's constant, too. Nothing is ever the same! This constant flow of perpetual transformation and transmutation blows my mind.

But there's something beautiful about it. And perplexing at the same time. Although, it seems, much of the change that we anticipate is of the future; of mental constructs like bricks building upon one another of un-manifested, intangible realities that really are non-existent. One minute the jigsaw was fit one way and the next minute it's a totally different puzzle. So, you see, in this way we can assume not to grasp on so tightly to our various preconceptions.

Am I making sense?

Think about it this way. Just one infinitesimal rearrangement of happenings and the whole cascade of forthcoming events is altered. It's crazy.

I do believe I'm unintentionally referring to the chaos theory.

But even completely unrelated to that sort of butterfly effect, I'm referring to how our plans change with just the flick of a switch. Something that effects us, changes our mind or shifts our perspective and ultimately alters the paths we're on.

This makes me think about how we design every single moment in whichever way we choose.


  1. I actually kind of understand what you mean haha. Every little aspect of life can alter even our smallest decisions and no matter how small that change is, it can alter the entire course of your life.

    Reminded me of a quote i learned in philosophy class..
    “You can never step into the same river; for new waters are always flowing on to you.” -Heraclitus

    there is continuous and constant change.

    I enjoyed your post :)

  2. Yeah totally! It's crazy to think about. Thanks for the sweet quote ;)

    1. If things didn't change, peoples' underwear would get pretty ripe.

  3. Wow...I've been following your youtube channel for a while...and have read a lot of your blog posts...and wow....I can't believe how similar both of our interests are...and how we're both on our journeys of growth and acceptance :) You are SUCH an inspiration and both your videos and blog posts put me in a great mood...reminding me to acknowledge the simplest pleasures in be observant of the nuances of the world around me. You've really given me a wake up take control of many aspects of my life...and to LIVE more.

    Sending you lots of love, light and pixie dust :) !

  4. Wow thank you SO much Ann - your comment really made my day :) I'm extremely happy and humbled to be of inspiration to you. It's excellent that you resonate with my words and it is people like you that inspire ME to continue expressing my authentic self; my deepest feelings and thoughts! Lots of peace to you!


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