Friday, March 16, 2012

yin & yang

Challenges come at us from all different directions
even when we aren't prepared
we are offered a chance to grow
to see ourselves in a new light
to view our most cherished treasures from a new perspective
to focus harder, to walk stronger, to be braver.

I'm a pretty feminine girl. But every time I go through a really tough situation I always seem to unintentionally opt for jeans and sneakers and a firm, impervious attitude along with it. I was thinking about this the other day, how I tend to express myself externally based on how I am feeling internally. And although I don't mean to draw any stereotypical lines here, I literally unite with my masculine side when I'm feeling really bruised.

But I like it. That's how I've been feeling lately. Really tough and nonchalant. Though I'm beginning to soften again and actually the colour pink has been my newest muse these days. For the longest time I detested the colour pink. After I awoke spiritually I felt as though pink emanated a superficial, materialistic vibe, of which I was vehemently straying from. But I have been finding myself open up to it again as I actually feel rather pleasant and pretty when I'm exposed to it. I've been really wanting more colour in my life as I don't wear much vibrancy, but I don't do well in bright, bold colours. I feel best in earthy, soft tones and patterns. For the longest time I wore mostly black and gray (that's my capricorn-ness), but I've learned the importance of exposing yourself to certain colours, especially within the chakra teachings, so as to activate different energies.

I've been thinkin' about how. How things manifest in our lives even when we are deeply doubtful. How often we question, "How will this work out? How will this happen? How will this get better? I just don't see how". We can never really ever know how things in life will unfold. Logistically speaking, yes, we can plan and figure out and organize but when it really comes down to it, we can never really know every minute detail that will take place in any given situation. I think it's really important that we refrain from asking how so much. Sometimes it forms a barrier - we don't see or believe how things could possibly happen or how something in our life could possibly manifest and in turn refrain from going forward. If we just relax, stop questioning, recognize that we don't and can't always have all the answers, and just let life flow and unravel, all of the "hows" will happen.


  1. Hi there Flower Child,

    I was reading your words, and found myself identifying with them. I am going through a relationship breakup at the moment. I can't say it feels good now, but everyday is seemingly better then the one just past.

    I can see manifestations of my experience in my life, the external signs, and also the dreams I have when I sleep.

    I suppose more will be revealed as time passes ...thank you for your writing...


  2. Hi Jesse,

    I can relate to you very much so with the struggles of a breakup - but oh the lessons to be learned! Much peace to you and your journey :)


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