Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hibernation & Introspection

So here I am I suppose, below zero temperatures that leave me at my laziest. Minus ten today and I can feel myself preparing for hibernation. This is the first year where I'm really viewing the winter season as a time to hide, contract and vegetate. I really don't have much of an interest for this season, only when the snow falls fresh and all is enchanted. I enthusiastically decided last week that I will make a snowman this year. I guess the only best part about winter is snowstorms, though once my birthday passes all becomes rigid and messy and last week I got ice-wind burn on my cheeks when I walked to the store.

My favourite food right now is soft boiled carrots. I just ate an entire bowl of about five of them. Thick soups, rice and tea is all I want these days and it really is befitting for how a human would respond to such weather. I just want to curl up in a ball of fleece and flannel and read a book. It really isn't natural to be living in this part of the world I'm sure, for we'd die if it weren't for these houses. I want to live in a mild geographic location with more forest and mountains and bodies of water. Now how did I get on the topic of urbanization...? I despise it so, and I just recalled now a dream I had last night of a dear nature conservancy in my town that got demolished for a sports recreation center. What? I think I woke up really angry.

I am on holidays for one more week and I am just finishing up my last introspective piece for my Psychology of Disease class, an energy medicine course. Man this has been a very deep journey and I am just rounding up the finishing edges on what chakras of mine are imbalanced, why and what corresponding organs are being affected. So the journey continues - on to more healing!

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