Thursday, November 17, 2011

Groovy~ness & Blackberry-Banana Mash

Just made this little fruit mash and I wanted to share it! All it is is 1 banana and a few blackberries mashed, a dash of cinnamon and 2 teaspoons of ground flax seed. The ground flax seed gives it this super piecrust-esque flavour, so good!

It really has been quite some time since I have been frolicking around through the fields of raw foods. I don't know what happened. Actually yes I do. A little over six months ago I was put on antibiotics for a few weeks which resulted in some problems. And since then I have gone through extensive remedial-trials; everything from cutting out certain foods to probiotics and digestive enzymes. 'Cause essentially it was my intestinal flora that got seriously imbalanced. So through all this craziness I somewhere along the line eliminated bananas and therefore discontinued my daily green smoothie ritual. And trust me, smoothies are an enormously significant aspect to raw foodism (at least for me...!) Plus they are super filling and life-force giving so what comes along with the elimination of such magnificence is the loss of an incredible satiating food source or entire meal! You know?

Well I'm pretty much ecstatic because I made one for the first time in so long this morning, with like 3 massive handfuls of baby spinach! It felt so good to be making them again. Oh how I missed them so.

The very worst part about flopping off raw foods is the lack of life-force and increase in the feelings of disconnection from Self and the universe and nature... 'Cause I'm way more inclined to meditate and do yoga when I feel really connected. Also my creative juices flow like a rainbow.

This all relates to some things I've been thinking deeply of lately - how perfection is totally unattainable and should not be sought after anyway. Besides our divine-beingness that is always perfect, the concept of perfection is an illusion and should not be desired! For we are always evolving, growing, changing and learning along the way through our mysterious odyssey's called life.
I wrote a poem on this. Perhaps I will share.

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