Friday, September 30, 2011

whole, connected and free

I am feeling very spiritually alive. Perhaps it is because of all the carrot and beet juice I've been drinking. Either way I feel whole, connected and free.

I'm learning so much it feels like my headspace is stretched open with all these new pathways of information; in my minds eye it looks like webs of all things that make sense and fit together. All through my life I was a bit educationally withdrawn and learning things in school didn't always come easy because I was often so uninterested and hated being forced to learn things that did not apply to me. In absolute contrast I am now absorbing so fluidly the concepts and information that I am eager to understand and so strongly interested in and passionate about. Everything makes sense.

Though so much in life never makes sense... there are many uncomfortably baffling things on my mind these days but now is not the time to discuss.

Yesterday in class we meditated and observed our energy fields and I am very excited to learn different techniques pertaining to energy work. Oh, the Universe! How I love the powerful force that it is!

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