Monday, September 5, 2011

Crisp Air & Twirling Forward

The sky this evening

The glow from the pink sky illuminates everything it touches and it's brilliant every time I stand below it, within it, become it. I am elated at the thought of autumn and the crisp air these days feels so good. I can even smell the season changing, I can sense it in all ways and I can feel change happening within me! Although I'm currently in a puzzle because I can't seem to grasp each fleeting, perpetuating moment as they float further into the future. In six days I will begin devouring my studies in holistic nutrition; academia in which I have been only dreaming about thus far. Dreaming and reaching and anticipating and it has been such a lengthy, lingering wait that my whole life for the past twenty months seems that of a blur. The growth, blooming and transforming I have done in that time has been wholesome and jubilant for me and I am oh but curious to find out how my life will unfold when I have a whole new kind of routine in place.

Although I have expanded spiritually and discovered many things I have also found myself with too much time on my hands for too long now; it has drained me on the days where I am not feeling so inspired but it has changed me on the days when I do. So, I will no longer be plagued with boredom at work or otherwise, a situation and environment for me that has lasted too long, for my primary focus and purpose will be that of passion, excitement, eager learning and an array of tangible kinships. 

And yet it all seems unreal to me right now. Because, you see, life feels like a dream for me these days. I can't decipher whether or not it is due to the fact that so much has manifested for me or because I have been dreadfully overwhelmed with mental to-do lists or because I need to eat more kale. Either way, I'm sure when I begin settling into my "new lifestyle" of finally pursuing passions I'll be able to feel more grounded. Who knows, you know? I sure don't.

All I know is that September is here and it means a lot more than just school -- it means my darling boots and fun scarves and rusty fallen leaves and cool breezes and fresher air and the harmony between feeling chilly and comfortable. It means birthing out of some sort of encapsulated Universe I have lived in for a long time, however amazing or changing it has been, it is still nonetheless time for some tactile moving and twirling forward...

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