Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love, Awe & Rain

~Looking up to the trees, sky and squirrels
Today is a marvelously beautiful day! I'm bursting with wonder and gratitude. I love rainy, cloudy, overcast, cool days. They fill my heart right up with awe. I can really feel my insides swollen with love for this dear planet. I went outside today and sat amongst the trees and mud, breathing in the life that radiates from the evergreens.

I simply feel like I am overflowing a bit with pure awe, wonder, admiration and just appreciation for being alive and living and breathing. Lately I've found myself noticing myself in this body I inhabit. Just noticing how I am a living organism. Observing myself from another viewpoint in my mind as I move around, this can be referred to as Inner Body Awareness, or as I sometimes call it and feel it as "seeing through glass". What shall I call this feeling? Glass-Seeing perhaps. I was also thinking the other day, as I was driving half-blinded by the sun, how every single living thing on the Earth requires the sun to survive. And I was thinking about how humans require it just as much, yet people overlook that. They identify it as just the title of the sun. Perhaps associating it with warmth and beaches and tanning. But it is Life Force! We are living organisms just as any other organism! We are One with it all! We are all the same!

Sending love, light, peace and vibrations to everyone in the world!

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  1. Every moment is an amazing gift. I love the way you soak it all up and appreciate it. People are always so busy, and caught up in the artificial world, that they forget to look around. Love.


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