Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow & Meditation

I've been very sick the past several days with the flu. It hasn't been very nice at all. I had a really high fever for a couple of days, and whenever I get a fever I get delirious. One time when I had a fever I was in bed and I thought there were a bunch of businessmen in my bedroom who I had to give all my blankets to (???). And the other day I was half sleeping/tossing/turning/moaning/crying out of discomfort and I thought I was wearing a polka dot dress...?

Anyway, what I wanted to write about was something that was very lovely that I did yesterday. When I was meditating, I suddenly came up with the idea that I wanted to relocate my meditation to my backyard in the snow. So I got off my mat, put on my brothers big winter coat, a hat and scarf, mittens and my boots and I went out into my backyard. And I flopped onto the thick fluffy snow. And I just lay there. I just looked right up to the big trees. And then a pleasant surprise, little wee frosty snowflakes slowly melted one by one one my face. It was so perfect.

Nothing else matters when you're out in nature.

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