Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I saw the moon yesterday morning and it was huge and bright and the patterns on it were so visible and beautiful. I saw it and envisioned how it is out in space, floating, as we are here on Earth.
I also had no idea there was a lunar eclipse the night before. I'm very sad I missed it. Also very sad that I wasn't able to capture a picture of the big bright moon in the morning.

And I'm fantastically wonderful. I watched a video today about meditation, cosmic energy and astral bodies/travels. Oh yes. Indeed I meditated as well today.

I feel so very good.
So joyous, so abundant. Life-full, beautiful. Peaceful, love, happiness radiating in every direction from my soul.

December is being very good to me. Bringing me lots of lovely feelings. I've been connecting even more so with nature by wearing my hair natural, which is curly. I have always straightened it out of the inability to accept, embrace and manage the naturalness. However I accept it more than ever now.

Peace love happiness fulfillment wonder beauty life! Embrace it all, every moment, every day!

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