Monday, November 8, 2010

Healing your Creativity

Stones I painted yesterday

The stone painted youth was from when I was a child. The word seemed suitable and represents how each and everyone of us, regardless of age, possess some form of youth. The freedom stone I found by the lake I live right by (Lake Ontario to be exact) and when I picked it up I just automatically thought of freedom. We are all free.

My most recent lesson I did for my e-course consisted of "healing" our creativity, or getting "unstuck" from a creative rut:

What would happen if everything I wanted was open and available to me?
I think it would be a good thing in some ways that all the things I'm passionate about would be so attainable... however I would be missing that sense of challenge and true achievement. As well, since it would all be available, I'd come up with all kinds of other things to reach for and if they were also so readily available then there would be no excitement. There's bliss, learning, growing and healing inside of every challenge and every journey.

What would happen if I believed in myself, fully and completely?
I would be a lot more willing to do the things I desire deep down. I wouldn't worry so much. I'd open my arms to failure rather than shy away.

What kind of creative dream fire could I ignite if I was given a spark of positive energy?
Inspiration to be fearless.

Heal your creativity :)

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