Monday, October 18, 2010

The Earth is our Biological Mother

We come from our mothers who came from their mothers who came from mothers all the way back when there was just a tiny organism that multiplied. That organism came from the Earth, in some way or another. Our mothers are not our biological mothers, for it is the Earth that is our true origin.

We will always only be one with nature as much as nature is one with us. We are nature.

Some art I created today
Since I've begun working two jobs, I have noticed my mind and body become so very stressed out. I've helplessly cried to my mom a few times lately because I just feel exhausted and worked to the bone and I have lacked one of my most favourite things in the world - solitude. I have four days off so I finally have a chance to do some things. I meditated today. And when I meditate I repeat several different phrases to myself:
I am only existing.
There is only me. I am only me.
I make my own choices. Nobody chooses for me.
I am beautiful. I love myself.

I'll also often just contemplate the Universe as I sit. And I'll think about life and nature and being alive. And in the midst of my positive affirmations I had the urge to create some art. And that I did.

Some little thoughts,


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