Friday, October 29, 2010

Explore your Creativity

A rock I painted. A reminder to relax into who you are.

My second lesson from last week was about exploring our creativity. It included journaling prompts:

What are your favourite colours?
Jewel, earth tones: deep purple, emerald, blues, dark reds, amber and orange.

What do you like to eat?
I love a variety of nutritious foods and I wish I lived on my own for the one reason that I would be able to choose what foods step foot in my front door (like I was able to when I lived away at college). I love pasta.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?
LOVE the early, early morning, around 5-7am. I love the sunrise and the quietness. I can stay up late at times too.

Do you prefer cities or the country?
Country - for my thoughtful, philosophical side (more like 3/4 of me). I've learned discovered that I despise the artificialness and busyness of cities. I love nature. However, for my independent, ambitious side I love the diversity and opportunities that cities have to offer.

Solitude or big crowds?
This depends. A huge aspect of me simply relishes in quality alone time where I can think and create. Solitude is one major aspect of who I am. But I am also known as very bubbly, funny and energetic.

What inspires you?
Creative people. Artwork. Or when I see something that I want to create my own version of; if I see any sort of creative piece - a crafty box, jewellry, clothing, I'll want to do it. But sometimes I'll come up with amazingly inspiring creations myself, too.

What supports you?
Myself. My solitary moments. My own mind. A lot of the people I know are absolutely supportive of me, but ultimately I support myself.

What scares you?
Deep, deep water. Failure. Not being or doing good enough. Disapointment. Being judged. Dying at a young age. Cancer.

What do you really want to do?
I want to live a free life. I want to stand on a mountain. Career-wise I want versatility and challenge and travel and to be surrounded by creative souls and other like-minded free spirits. Somehow I want my career to be a combination of nutrition, well-being and art (whatever that occupation is - I'll find out one day). I want to write a book. I want freedom and freedom of expression. I want happiness for the rest of my life.

Explore your creativity.

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