Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life, Death and Battlestar Galactica

My brother got me into the series Battlestar Galactica yesterday and since then I've watched a bunch of episodes and some mini-series movie and I like it so much!
It really gets me thinking a lot about this universe (obviously, since it takes place in space) but also death; there's a lot of dying involved and sacrifice and it makes me think so much about this life we live and how vast this world is all that mind boggling stuff.

I sometimes think about how we have such a tiny lifespan and then it will all be over. Isn't it so strange to think about? I suppose we push that to the very backs of our minds a majority of the time, but if you really think about it, everything you know now will not exist at some point. How depressing, but how interesting! Everyone and everything we ever live for is just gone in an instant. All this solidifies in me the importance of living in the best way we can, do what makes us happiest, and most of all to not worry (or complain) so much! Unless of course reincarnation is an option, which I may or may not believe in - my belief in reincarnation stems from a question I've always seeked an answer to: If we can be created and have a life, how come we can't be created and live again? I just so deeply wonder how we are all only alive because our parents created us, but can't we be created some other time? (I've also wondered why can't we have multiple lives at once??? Gosh these questions are too abstract to be coherent).

One of the characters in the show is diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm pretty sure I'm a bit much of a hypochondriac and in fact getting cancer is one of my top biggest fears. I just worry sometimes so much about - not only if that headache or that pain is some deadly disease developing - but dying at an early age and missing out on all the life that would be left to live and be apart of. I think death scares me a lot. But that's besides the point. All I know is that we've ended up with a life so we might as well live in the happiest, healthiest, vivacious and fulfilling ways possible.

Anyway, live long and prosper!

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