Friday, September 16, 2016

Dew and Dawn

Oxford in the Fall, 2015.
It's the middle of September, and it's right about now that the air is just crisp enough to make any breeze feel holy and healing. I open my bedroom window first thing in the morning and I stand there breathing in the sweetness of dew and dawn.

Fall to me is the very beginning, or at least, makes me feel like the perfect time to begin. Spring is much the same, but nothing compares to the fiery leaves and crumpled blooms that once had a story. Mornings are especially divine but impossible to describe with words.

If I was, though, to choose a word to describe how fall mornings make me feel, I would say euphoric. Dreamy, perhaps, and inspired. So inspired that it's electric; invigorating and quenches my thirsty soul.

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