Saturday, August 15, 2015


For the past 11 months I entered a world I never thought I would shake hands with again; where I became something I wasn't, where I shunned my truest self, where I did things I didn't want to do, wouldn't have done. It was a classic case of denial.

But it was beautiful, and changing, and I learned about things that freed me, and I let go of things that bound me. I bloomed in ways I only imagined one year ago, and I sit here right now saturating my mind in the blessings of it all, in the lessons of it all. I am at peace, I am ecstatic, I am inspired and encouraged and empowered and it is here, now, that I see what it was all for.

Of course I knew all along that there was a purpose. And now I have captured it. In the palm of my hand, in each breath that I take, in each step that I take. I am whole, and I am here, and I am stronger than before; always, always stronger.

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