Sunday, October 20, 2013


Is it my body or my heart or my head standing still as a stone; resisting, resisting, resisting while my soul cries out? She's hushed; a firm finger pressed against her lips. Silenced. Do not speak, for it is her voice that will wake the wild; for it is Truth that will shake and shatter the bliss found in ignorance.

Sometimes I think about how my life would be much rosier if I was clueless; maybe then I'd not be so uncomfortable, nauseated, frightened, anxious. For now, life is aggressive and testing and I'm standing, vulnerable. The Universe gifts us what we ask for and unexpectedly we are guided to receive, willing or not, and to deal, to learn, to overcome.

Whispering and gentle, the words erupt from deep within me: be wise, be wise.

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