Monday, July 1, 2013

lessons & reflection

Happy July :-) I love the change of a new month. It's the perfect time for new beginnings and to reflect on what was learned the previous month. Sharing, patience and taking a break are three themes that weaved through the month of June for me. 

I feel as though when we share we actually receive so much. When we put forth abundance, we attract abundance in return. Not even materialistically speaking, but at a soul level; an inner level. Giving and sharing from the heart feels good. So I shared a bunch in June. 

Patience crossed my path toward the end of the month. He's a darling friend and I admire those who naturally embody the cool, calm and collected. There were a handful of instances in which the Universe instructed me to wait. It's not time yet. It will come. It will manifest. Breathe. Be patient. Impatience erupts anger within me but I've been able to feel the fiery sensation for what it is, and let it pass. I know which shadows of mine are hiding beneath and stubbornly avoiding the light. It will come. It will come.

Taking a break. Oh yes, yes. Now this is a deep lesson, a freeing one, a good one. It has been the epitome of relief and release and revive. I'm still in it, I'm still cross legged, head tilted back, breathing in the warmth of the still and idle sunshine. My week spent up north in a fairy tale changed me. When it comes to words there is a void, so I've just sat in the hollowness and felt instead for feelings are the language of the Universe, after all. Regardless, my time away was healing and what I needed so perfectly. The freedom of expression, the authenticity, the slow, the calm, the breathing, the letting go. It is all so divinely etched into my being.

I'm settling into the freedom of my need for a break and time away. I have much to ponder and I'm allowing the change and transition to take its time. I am listening, listening, listening to the gentle nudges of my spirit and soul and attentively, trustingly stepping in their direction.

P.S. Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians.

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