Sunday, March 17, 2013


Spring is coming. This delights me.

Greenery still awaits and I have yet to see some budding but I know it's around. It's still chilly out there but the sun has made many more appearances these days than it has over the past six months, so, for that I am grateful. It's so warm and satisfying. There is such a magnificent difference between natural sunny sunlight and artificial lighting. These nuances are much more noticeable when you're deprived of one or the other for a lengthy period of time. The only word that comes to my mind to try and describe what sunshine feels like is alive.

I've been a very busy bee lately with renovations I've hardly had time to focus on anything else. My attention span is picky and determined when it's zeroed in on something exciting. You know what I love? Decorating. You know what else I love? The hardware store. Spring is indeed a fine time for re-doing things. It tends to be the time when I gravitate towards simplifying and change. Out with the old, in with the new. You know? Earth is changing, too.

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