Saturday, January 12, 2013

Solitary Space

Deep within there's a land of contemplation
limitless exploration
an archive of perception
a folder full of stories
awaiting realization

Last night I danced. Do you know the song Vienna by Billy Joel? I danced to that. That song reminds me so much of myself and my crazily rushed and impatient yet ambitious attitude.

"Slow down you crazy child, you're so ambitious for a juvenile but then if you're so smart, tell me why are you still so afraid?"

I am so many things. I'm an enthusiastic lover of life as well as a bottle of emotion, restlessness and worry. I think a lot. It felt so good to just let go and frolic about my own little world of free form flow and a mind full of nothing but the sound orchestrating my bones. I evaporate into a mist of healing when I'm in my solitary space. I threw my legs up into Viparita Karani and listened to the pleasant hum of Dallas Green's acoustic soul.

"Slow down you crazy child and take the phone off the hook and disappear for a while. It's alright, you can afford to lose a day or two."

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