Monday, January 14, 2013


"You've got your passion, you've got your pride, but don't you know that only fools are satisfied?"

It seems as though I am easily influenced. Easily inspired, easily envious, easily uncertain.


Imagine scrunched face. Hands on hips. A four year old stubbornly unwilling to get up. I fall through dozens of rabbit holes, floating by the fascinating, bizarre perplexities of what's before me. Interesting. And so I speculate my situation. What is it that I want? I question, question, question as the uncertainty and indecisiveness thickens. I gulp, recalling the thunderstorm of questioning my ability and permit to be authentic. Am I... allowed? The sneaky, sassy Should's stroll along, tip-toeing into my world. I think they leave a sticky residue. I've tried and tried and tried to do it their way. But I fumble.

I think I am just still gathering. I've got my wicker basket on my arm as I meander through the willow fields of things; plucking dandelion fluffs, fragrant daisies and anything else I find of interest along the way. I'm settling in to the comforting knowing of where I'm at along mt path. Discovering myself, shaping myself, finding my ground; remembering who and what inspires me, feeds me encouragement, motivation and confidence; remembering what feels good and right in my skin; collaborating it all into one reservoir.

I just want to be me and allow life to unfold and flourish as it may.

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