Thursday, December 27, 2012

Oh What Fun

I just realized it's a full moon tonight! So, happy full moon! I'm sitting at my rusty red painted desk before my window, with little tea lights and incense holders in front of me. My blinds are open and out ahead is the view of snow covered evergreens and pines. It's dim, grey, but looks very pleasant; as if I'm in a wooden house in a swampy forest, with a mug of vanilla rooibos tea, wool blankets and knitted sweaters. Outside there would be elves of the benevolent variety.

So, it finally snowed. Not in time for Christmas day, but close enough. Wintertime is much greener than it used to be here in Southern Ontario so I get pretty excited when it finally arrives, especially when it's more than just a dusting.

I wanted to share a few moments and favourites from my Christmas this year. Although I tend to ask for no more than things I find of actual use, I did receive many beautiful gifts. One being the most darling necklace that could ever exist - my magical silver Unicorn necklace. I have a serious affinity for Unicorns... I swear they are my spirit animal. I just love 'em!

I'd have to say the ultimate champion of the gifts I received are my food processor and blender. My dad got me the most beastly food processor, and by beastly I just mean completely awesome, and heavy. If this food processor was a human it would probably be a body builder. My brother also got me a pretty sweet blender - the Ninja to be exact. Now, as a nutritionist, these things are insanely exciting. When I first got into raw foods there were so many recipes that called for the use of a food processor of which I never had. So I'd always make use of my extremely poor quality blender for things like raw truffles, pesto and sauces. The blender I've been using can't even make a smoothie smooth, so it hasn't exactly been ideal and has definitely swayed me from utilizing it as often as I'd like to. I'm just so incredibly excited to start making all sorts of fun things that I'll actually be able to make!

Lastly, I'm very, very grateful for the windshield wiper fluid, snow scraper and giant tub of medjool dates I was given.

Here we have the three Irish/Scottish Livingstone siblings in their natural habitat sipping on some marvelous sparkling white wine. Oh how I love sparkling white wine. My younger brother, Jonathan, who turned 16 on Christmas day is on the left, and my older brother, Adam, on the right.

Happy Holidays!

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