Monday, November 5, 2012

Pendulums, Incense & Connectedness

Yesterday I went out to my favourite place ever, Odyssey, a metaphysical shop. My intention was to get a new pendulum, in which I found very successfully and with great joy. I feel a lot of energy in my hands and felt very drawn to the lepidolite pendulum I scouted out after scanning the wall scattered with dangling gems and crystals. I was overjoyed indeed!

Lepidolite is very pretty, lavender-esque, and represents the Third Eye and Crown chakras.

I also picked up some incense – Sage, Cedar & Sweetgrass – along with a small sage candle. Sage is often used for the clearing and cleansing of energies. It’s very purifying indeed and the combination of incense I got smell absolutelydivine! When I got home, I infused myself in it all and warped into a space of calm, grounded centeredness. I felt SO very connected. To myself, my Higher Self, to Source, to that space inside of us that is ever-so-calm and free and true and at peace. You know that place?

I think one of the best things we can do is spend time by ourselves. Embrace solitude. Explore ourselves introspectively. It is through the beauty of solitude that we discover, transform, reflect, learn, unravel, release and become.

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