Saturday, November 24, 2012

metaphors & poetically-drenched life stories

This has happened before, where I haven't posted on here in a long while and the day I post again is the exact same day of the month as the last post I did.

I feel like a tree.
Or a flower.
A rose, perhaps. Or a daisy. I like those.

Finding my place has been the epitome of my life since July. Taking a seat, so to speak, and making myself comfortable in my own little world. I've been sifted, stirred up and left to settle. It's a mysterious world, I tell you, but it has all been grand and inevitable either way.

I've been feeling powerful and grateful and magical, also. Many wondrous things have crossed my path.

Metaphors aside and in all seriousness, I am posting here in a pitifully desperate attempt to reclaim my creativity. Why is it that I make my life so hard? As if I can't express myself elsewhere, I leave my poetically-drenched life stories in the hands of this blog.

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