Saturday, October 6, 2012

Impermanence & Other Things

After being inside all day today, I stepped outside into the magestical world. It was quite literally like entering a new realm. The air was chilly but pure magic, and the sky – oh the sky! I've been noticing lately how the clouds during the fall seem much thicker, wilder, deeper, fuller. I have an affinity for clouds. In fact, my name in India, Megha, means just that – clouds.

There have been many things on my mind lately, inspirational words of wisdom downloaded into my consciousness. Or just quotes and other things that I've come across.

One thing was yesterday while I was journaling and reading through some of my diary entries; things I wrote about fears, anxieties and other such emotions that always feel so horrendous and hopeless at the time. And I sat there on my bed, recalling the experiences, but thinking to myself how everything changes. I remember a quote from many moons ago that read: However good or bad a situation is, it will change. Truth.

I've come to really grasp that, especially if I’m ever in any sort of pit or pickle where the only thing my mind can muster up is “will this ever get better?” Why, yes, Meghan, it certainly will. Nothing stays the same, not for a moment. Recognize impermanence. 

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