Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cars & Pendants

If you were to ask me my thoughts on public transit, I'd tell you I really don't like it. I do enjoy train rides though.

I am a rather typical urban girl in terms of transportation. Getting my license was my first and foremost priority upon my 16th birthday. I have always had a thing for driving... I love it. So it has been very exciting as I got my very first car at the end of August. Exciting indeed! My life seems to have gotten busier and busier and getting my own vehicle has been necessary. It'll be handy until I'm ready to travel!

The first thing that came to my mind after getting my car was designing a chakra pendant for the rear-view mirror. I've had a vision of it since day one and so materialized that vision this afternoon at my local bead/gemstone shop.

I've made a beaded necklace before and quite enjoy the process of jewelry-making. Today I quietly sat, stringing beads and gems onto a wire. Focusing on absolutely nothing else but the preciseness of it all. That is, I find, the very best part about being totally enveloped in something. It's like when I draw or paint - I am in complete and utter focus on nothing but the world I am in.

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