Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If I really wanted to, I could...

Me, these days.
I don't know what it is but lately, late at night, I'm feeling just so inspired and creative! I want to share so many different things. I feel like I'm made of bubbles. I'm actually feeling ridiculously good these days. It's after midnight and I won't allow myself to sleep until I write.

I knew that after I completed my whirlwind-of-a-year of school, stress and other fun things, that I would really need to do some inner work. And I'm talkin' some real digging. Whilst roaming the small, crowded aisles of shelves and nooks of books and magic at my favourite local metaphysical shop, I spotted the book that I knew I would have to get at some point in my life: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. Sounds kind of cheesy but no, it's actually brilliant.

Although I'll refrain from going into too many details, the gist of it is quite simply cultivating self-love. Delving into the layers of your life, beneath all the long-held negative thought patterns and ridiculous beliefs that serve us no good; acknowledging them, understanding them, moving through them, releasing them. Finding that pure part of us that is free of fears and full of self-love. Oh and not to mention, the book is jam-packed with amazing affirmations.

The outline of the book is very similar to a Psychology of Disease class I took, an Energy Medicine course, which was very deep. Full of soul-searching, reconciling, healing...

One of the main things that has really stuck out at me is her exercise on the word should. It's genius, and I totally agree. Using the word "should" is very limiting. In the words of Louise, using the word should means we either "are wrong or we were wrong or we are going to be wrong". Screw that. Instead of "I should..." it's all about this:

If I really wanted to, I could...

Because you see, could gives us choice. It was very powerful for me when I made a list of all the things I thought I "should" do in order to be or feel a certain way. By replacing it with "if I really wanted to, I COULD do this or that to be or feel this or that", it opens up a whole new world of understanding that we wholly choose what we want to think, feel and do. 

Wanna know what's also cool? If we really want to, we really can. Cause guess what? We live in a Universe of infinite possibilities.

I really should be sleeping now. Away I go!

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