Friday, April 6, 2012

thoughts and observations on a sunny afternoon

The breeze blowing through my hair, through the trees, through blades of grass, through anything that will move to and fro, wax and wane, ebb and flow
last season leaves and twigs gently roll
bright orange petals
colourful efflorescence
a bird flies overhead faster than sound
birds chirping up in the rafters, up in the trees,
above my head they dance
to my left a group of noisy birds playing on branches
so close I can hear the flutter of their wings
illuminates the stillness
a crow in the distance
the sun beating on my skin
the sky is the bluest shade of blue
silence breaks with the heavy gust of wind, sound of rushing air
as it passes silence ensues

I'm at peace
I'm One
I can feel the inter-connectedness
I feel whole
I feel connected
I feel light
the tall pines remind me of northern winters
and the bare elms remind me it's only the beginning of blooming
I like all the colours that nature bears - they're crisp, real, pure
I have all those colours within me for I am nature
just a fragment of the cosmos
I love how it feels when the wind blows around me
I feel engulfed, embraced, entranced
I feel welcome and included
Just another form of energy not created nor destroyed
only transformed
always eternal though I don't know how

I feel... comfortable.


I like sitting on the grass
I feel all the elements around me -
ether, air, fire, water, earth
it makes so much sense but not really at all
the earth beneath me, the moist soil, the fiery sun sparkling
the gusting wind and everything of existence occupying the space that surrounds me, my physical body, between my organs and cells and atoms is this silent space of nothingness.
I can feel the eternal essence
perpetual existence, transcending the illusion of time
for time is nothing
and now is what there is
with all its entities, sounds, smells, cosmic fragments of this reality. One of many. Infinite realities. Infinite dimensions.
Finite comprehension but infinite possibilities.

I feel infinite right now.
I love this sun on me, I feel like how I should
wondering quietly, what is wind? how did the universe originate?
is originate even the appropriate word?
I lay down on my back gazing upwards
two birds soar steadily high up above, parallel to eachother, beneath the blue
a mourning dove calls, pleasant describes this.

The earth is moving too fast
rooftops cloaking the sun
I don't want to lose these rays
they're fueling my satiety

A squirrel appears on the fence; abrupt, agile
talking its talk
closest I've been
I can see it so clear my idea of them was different
I can see the details of its fur
looks like a rat
It looks at me
Is it going to attack me?
I release the fear and observe instead

Deep, deep, deep breath in
smells like fresh air
a stretch
and an exhale
slow deep breaths of cool zephyr
healing my body
relaxing my mind
soothing my soul
renewing my spirit

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