Friday, March 23, 2012


Some flowers I found
I sat silently, cross-legged, upon the green field,
submerged in soft petals of yellow and teal.
Off in the distance a painting of sounds
I was hazily curious as I looked around.
The breeze sang through the hot sun on my skin
and I closed my eyes (just to take it all in).
Fully surrounded by essence and smell
of the pine or the elm or the birch, I can't tell.
Teardrops spilled over as I felt the infusion
fascination so clear it erased my contusions.

To my surprise came epiphanies abound
as I took a deep breath, here's what I found:
to release is to see clear-headed and free;
to surrender the urges to run and to flee.
Spacedust and starlight is of our devise
and each of its fragments come in various size.
Wavelengths of hue and vibrational queue
this brilliance inspires us to begin anew
and as we observe what exists in us here
we unleash the cobwebs of darkness and fear.

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