Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Twenty One

Birthday girl, Jan 10/2012
Today I turned 21 years old. Feels youthfully ripe, seasoned and sophisticated. I am calmly and pleasantly awaiting what will fall into place for me this year. I feel like each year is bursting with blank pages for new stories of opportunities, experiences and lessons. Even since my last birthday, I have evolved so much.

Today I am just very grateful and thankful for all of the birthday wishes I have received.

It feels as though I am and have been entering a new era. And according to the teachings in my chakra handbook, I have indeed entered a new "theme". We have 7 main chakras and in my book it says that, essentially, we go through cycles of human development and every 7 years beginning from birth we enter a new base theme, starting with root up to crown (and you always view your age as one year ahead, so as to count our time in the womb). Within those 7 year cycles, each individual year is comprised of an individual main theme, from root to crown.

This is somewhat complicated to explain (as you really need to view the chart) but my main point is that I have just completed a 7 year cycle (began when I was 15 years old... and had done two 7 year cycles before that: from age 1-7 then a new cycle from 8-14). The cycle I just completed pertains to the qualities of the solar plexus chakra (third chakra... third cycle). This solar plexus 7-year base theme symbolizes "unfolding ones' personality; assimilation of feelings and experiences; shaping one's being; influence and power; strength and abundance and wisdom growing out of experience". Within that main theme, I just completed the last part of the cycle, the crown chakra, which denotes "enlightenment through inner contemplation; unity with the omnipresent being and universal consciousness". These themes are unbelievably accurate to how my life has developed over the past several years. Especially the aspect of inner contemplation, unity and the general shaping of my being.

So this new year that I have been entering is the 4th cycle in my life, the base theme of the heart chakra which denotes "unfolding the qualities of the heart; love, compassion, sharing, sincere involvement, selflessness, devotion and healing". Within that general 7-year theme, since I am in my first year of this brand new theme, this year I am back at the base - the root chakra. This fundamental theme denotes "primordial life energy and trust; relationship to the earth and the material world; stability and power to achieve". This primordial motif feels very akin to how I have been sensing myself becoming more grounded again since I have flown into the wild airs of spirituality. I have definitely found myself seeking some ground, with new feet... ;-) Though next year this inner motif will be under the (second) sacral chakra, and so on. My next new (fifth) cycle starts when I am 29.

I find it so fitting how I am now in the theme of the heart - compassion, love and selflessness - for this is precisely what my life has been preparing for over the past 6 weeks. As I have just taken a trip into the depths of my soul, unveiling and healing negative thought patterns, beliefs, attitudes and underlying emotions, it is compassion and love that has been my most predominant goal. I kid you not. I find it very neat that it is that theme that I have been inevitably entering and will be cultivating over the next several years...

Some interesting points from my book on this subject of human development cycles:
  • A change takes place on a material level every seven years ... It is a biological fact that our bodies renew themselves every seven years (all our bodies cells have been replaced by new ones - biologically speaking, we are an entirely new person). 
  • After seven cycles we have reached the middle of our lives (age 49) and have completed an entire cycle. A completely new stage of life begins with our 50th birthday ... a chance to start all over again but this time from a "higher octave" of development.
  • In ages past, the number 7 was used to denote completion, abundance and (spiritual) perfection. Many cultures regard it as a sacred number
  • And P.S., 7 is my favourite number (mysteriously, though, because I don't really know why - there's just something about this number that I am drawn to)


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