Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 ~

A windy, rainy walk by the lake this afternoon~

Happy January!  First day of the brand new 2012th year. It feels magic. I know, I know, it is just another day born of the continuous cycle of day and night (and there are so many different kinds of calendars), but, nonetheless, January actually feels spellbound by mystical magicalness like fog and mist and snow and the deep hue of sapphire. Also this is the month of my birthday. I have exciting things to discuss about that topic, at a later date.

So last year on January 1st of 2011, I went for a walk by the lake. And I will never forget it because it was probably one of the most (or the number one most) breathtakingly mesmerizing walks of my life. The air was still, no sensation whatsoever of a blowing breeze; there was a thick misty fog all around because of the unusually mild temperature. There was a gentle sprinkling mist, and I took my umbrella down. As I approached the lake I actually cried. Yes. Simply because I could not contain the absolute joy and peace I was feeling, emotionally and energetically upon experiencing such beauty in the natural world. I blogged about this experience here.

I have been awaiting this new year day to seek out that same experience, with the same mild humidity and mist. I went for a walk by the lake today, and although it was beautiful as always, it was also pouring and windy and the icicle raindrops were soaking me from head to toe. Let's just say it wasn't exactly as mesmerizing as last year ;-)

I am so excited about this new year. New possibilities and experiences and stories and more flowing along this river of life. My affirmation for this year is trust and my theme is compassion.

Right after midnight last night I ran outside. And stood there. Yeah. That's right. It was awesome.

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