Monday, December 26, 2011

these are a few of my favourite things...

Good evening!
I have been very quiet on here, for a number of reasons. I have felt the need to withdraw myself quite a bit as I seem to have undergone a process of some sort. A process of evolution. Lots and lots and lots of evolving indeed. In beautifully difficult but very cleansing and eye opening ways. I feel, over the course of my journey, that I have peeled and peeled and peeled away a wide and diverse assortment of layers within myself that were replaced by all kinds of new perspectives and such. But at the same time, through all the peeling, there was some sticky coating of very firm new beliefs and ideas that were cold as a stone. And I have been feeling myself warm up and view my life and life in general through a whole new lens. So I have been peeling some peels that were grown from a place of fear and anger and replacing them with... lets call them... love peels. I am trying to explain something that is very hard to explain.

This year, as with others, I have felt an indifference pertaining to the receiving of material gifts. I can't think of one thing that I really need. But something, however, that I do want to share is the angel oracle cards and pendulum I did receive for Christmas. I am very keen on energy medicine and so have been very excited to use these very exciting items. Since I began learning lots on the chakras and how to do chakra testing, I made my own little pendulum with a small portable USB tied to a string... lol. My new golden pendulum is much more fitting if I do say so myself! My mom told me when she was in the shop picking one out for me, the lady used a pendulum to help guide her to the one that would be for me. And so voila, the one my mom chose was chosen very specifically!

And my oracle cards are simply marvelous, I love them so. Already I have done some very intuitive readings that have been very significant and useful for me. My mom is very enthusiastically curious about them as well!



  1. I love your positive energy.Your thoughts.Your words.I just made me a blog because of you =) thank you for so much inspiration and positivity!

  2. Namaste megan ^^

    what deck did you get? And how is the energy healing going? Sounds intresting.

  3. The deck I got is "Healing with the Angels" by Doreen Virtue... and my energy healing has been going good, it has been intense at times but very insightful, powerful and beneficial indeed :)


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