Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Walks and Talks


As always
walks in the rain are mandatory for the peace it brings,
except this time damp colourful leaves are everywhere.
I wish there was a way for me to meticulously describe my bike ride atop a cliff yesterday,
but there is not!

A couple weeks ago on my daily 40 minute drive to school I accidentally came across the best radio station that ever came to be (in Toronto it's 89.5fm, but it's worldwide). They host a one hour radio series from 9-10am that has a different episode every day ranging from all sorts of incredible topics from corporate America, globalization, today's environmental, food and health crises to science and spirituality and solutions to the absurdly and ridiculously frustrating distorted world we currently live in due to the powers that be. The radio series is called Bioneers (biological pioneers!) All of this is actually specifically what has been bothering me a lot lately. A lot.

At the introduction to the episodes there is a clip of a woman doing a lecture saying "'s all connected, it's all intelligence, it's all relatives" while geese are sounding in the background and everytime it plays this clip I cry. Every morning I am literally crying on my way to school. It certainly puts a bit of a damper on my morning but I can't not listen - there is such an enormous amount of invaluable information to be heard and it is very significant for everybody to listen. Agh! Everything is just so messed up and everything is connected and I hate this apparent universal ignorance that has washed over humanity but I know people can awaken to it all and I hope so badly that things will change and all of the corporations that are in power over everything (like Monsanto, for one small example) will be shut down. Ultimately, I wish for that. I feel as though this is what a big part or meaning of my life is all about - changing the current world we inhabit, someway, somehow. I know it begins with the collective minds. Perspectives and attitudes must be adjusted into the direction of supporting and connecting with nature and ourselves, first. I feel like I know what so many of the answers are and everything that I would do if I could do it would make so much sense but the scope of the world is so large and I feel so small.

Anyways, do check out the radio series which I believe you can find and listen to on their website, or perhaps the conference itself from which it originates.

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