Friday, September 16, 2011

A New Chapter!


The page has been turned to a new chapter in my life. I am going to attempt to coherently and accurately express how I feel about this new chapter to the best of my ability, though there is a great deal involved and it is all so spectacular and overwhelming at the same time.

This week was the start of my formal studies in Holistic Nutrition - a path I chose to take that comes deep from within and is the product of a lot of introspection and heart-following.

I am in the midst of adjusting to an entirely new routine. And I mean, a 180 degree turn. For nearly two years I was out of school and my daily life was comprised of plenty of free time which allowed for a great deal of growth, solitude and beautifulness. However now my days are essentially very full and I am discovering the importance of managing my time properly to ensure I have adequate space to complete all of my new found responsibilities. 

The best part about this new busyness is that it is absolutely thrilling. I am learning such an enormous amount and it is everything I want to know about! I am simply a sponge. I am fully present and enthused and SO ready for this chapter! It has been such a lengthy wait, I really cannot explain all the details involved in just this post, but simply put... the time has finally come.

The night before my first day of classes I was reading through my course notes notebook and nearly cried at how surreal the information was at the start of the notes. Long story short, the first epiphany I had when I abruptly began awakening spiritually to an enormous range of things two years ago was simplicity and the very important concept of living simply, frugally, fully. The first thing that was discussed in my notes was exactly that. Immediately I realized this wave of paralleled happenings - how it has come back to me, two years later, full circle, in a whole new format yet the same information thus truly deepening and expanding this journey and path I am on. And with other information as well, this new chapter in my life has reintroduced me to those exact realizations and exact feelings I had a long time ago. It's like the beginning of my inner journey is almost identical to the beginning of this new journey...! So, it is hard for me to properly explain how surreal this unexpectedly became just due to the nature of how everything is so seemingly interrelated. But at the same time, it is hardly a surprise.

When you follow your callings you will inevitably land amongst such surreality and synchronicity and all other sorts of splendid circumstances that you have attracted into your life.

So, as I said before, I am currently just trying to focus on finding a new kind of balance in this new chapter, new journey. The fall is my favourite season and I have been yearning for some walks in the cool, windy air amongst the trees. I have also, almost desperately, been needing more meditation in my life and that I intend to nurture.

Just blowing in the breeze of life ~ ~ ~

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