Sunday, September 4, 2011

a mundane blog post about books

Cardinal on the fence in my backyard

These days I have been feeling very drawn to books. I decided a few weeks ago that I really want to start reading a lot more to open my mind and expand my vocabulary. I was talking to a fellow I work with whom I am always able to carry out diverse conversations with during our breaks, usually on the topics of history, anthropology and philosophy. I always like hearing his thoughts on religion. Kindred spirits are hard to come by, currently in my tangible life, though I always seem to be able to attract some sort of spiritual nut into my life when I am otherwise amidst those of the conservative type. He is a peculiar, exceedingly polite History-turned-Anthropology major who usually arrives at work with a book in hand and is always enthusiastic about discussing his current read. I knew he was just the one to ask about where I should begin in terms of reading. His words of wisdom were to just start with anything. One of his recommendations was Anthem by Ayn Rand. His synopsis of it  intrigued me and I will be sure to check it out.

Though I recently finished reading A Walk to Remember I can't say I found it exceptionally enjoyable though I always liked the movie version. The writing style was a bit loose and adolescent but I am on to another novel which is actually a non-fictional memoir based on betrayal and renewal and I am enjoying this one very much so.

I believe my favourite component of reading is the transcendence through imagination and literally slipping away into another world for a while.

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