Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall, Energy & Magical Lettuce

favourite peasant skirt & boots


It is the ULTIMATE season of flow and peace and it is delicate and calm and elegant. I went to the farmers market the other day and I got a big head of un-poisoned romaine lettuce and I ate that thing. I ate it. It had a lady bug in a leaf and some other fuzzy green bugs that I let outside and although I felt moderately disgusted and apprehensive while I ate it, I deeply appreciated the life it embodied. Then I did some very liberating yoga. Seriously my body must have been a bound ball of elastic because when I stretched in all ways it was like releasing a dove into the sky. That is how beautiful it felt. Oh and then I danced like I was in a theatrical performance. And then I went for a walk under the sun in the chilly air and at work I was a ball of energy. I felt like I was on drugs.

I give credit to the lettuce. And the sunshine and the cool air and the season of fall because I love it so. The trees and colours still have much more to offer before all is white dust.

I am currently fascinated by intestines. That is what I am presently learning about.

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