Thursday, September 1, 2011

California Trekking ~

~Burney Falls

Happy September! Goodness, this month will deliver me many divine things, oh I can just feel it... September reminds me of the colour maroon.

I just returned home the other night from practically lucid dreaming through Northern California. The trip for me had much meaning... not only because being amongst mountains was one of my biggest dreams, but the foundation of the adventure I went on was based on stepping into the unknown. Exploring myself, my independence, desires, dreams and leaping far off the edge into unknowingness. I became something new because of it, of that I'm sure, however I don't know what though I do know how. Personal growth and mind-expansion, horizon-stretching, life-living, holding hands with fear and a whole lot of laughing along the way. So, to you, (you know who you are) I don't think I can really adequately express my gratitude for enabling such an experience to take place in both of our lives.

And so the spontaneous, rather impromptu journey began with an incredible drive up to the mountains of Mount Shasta; hiking, camping, driving and more driving along through all sorts of breathtaking scenery, forest, lakes and waterfalls, twirling roads up to the Pacific ocean and more road-tripping down the coast to San Francisco. Here I am now, landed back in my homespace like a bump on a log wishing I was back at the beginning of it all. The trip really reinforced in me just how badly I desire to travel.

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