Thursday, August 11, 2011

moon shine

~the moon tonight

illuminating the periwinkle skies
as the dusk rolls in
painting a picture
for my eyes,
bright pearl in celestial bliss
I could sit and stare
daydreams for company.


  1. Dear Flower Child,
    i logged onto my blogger account and saw this post, I am following your blog. This shocked me because i have been thinking about this moon for the past two weeks! He is almost full and will be the night of the 13th. I suggest going inward into meditation under the full moon if you would like to find what you seek, i know this moon may help deepen your meditation, it will to mine.
    blessings, remember, doubt deystroys.
    peace. and enjoy the sky :)

  2. The moon has been beautiful! Thank you very much... moon meditating... sounds so enchanting, I will be sure to do that


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