Saturday, August 20, 2011

incomprehensibly enormous infinity of nothingness

Looking out my window
So the other night my mind transcended into a new dimension as I was sitting on the edge of my bed, gazing out my window up to the sky, past the trees, at a big puff of condensation passing by overhead.

I was originally singing at the top of my lungs and swaying along to Elton John and Alanis Morissette until I found myself simply drifting away. I sat and stared for quite some time. Contemplated as I watched the leaves on the trees blow swiftly. And then I went outside and stood on my driveway looking very peculiarly up at the dusty blueness of sky and wispy wafts of white wind. I do believe a man saw me and I can imagine he was curious about what I was staring at so intently.

An airplane flew through the clouds and then I thought,
"What are we, what is this? Where are we? What the hell is life?" Typical ponderings.

There I was. On my driveway. Or not at all, in fact. In the cosmos I floated along, quite simply seeing beyond this thing we call "sky" and into the incomprehensibly enormous infinity of nothingness, for that is all everything seems to be, is nothing.

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