Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ground & Release

Yesterday I had a very exciting EPFX quantum bio-feedback session with the wonderful Leija Turunen ( I'm not even going to attempt to explain how this device works, it involves quantum physics and it's complicated to say the least. But essentially, it's able to tune into your individual self and detect anything from nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivites, to emotional and mental imbalances and energetic/spiritual blocks. It's very specific to you! It also is able to see your aura and chakras!!

One of the main things it picked up for me was stress, particularly related to daily frustrations (i.e. work... I've had a ton of stress and frustration revolving around my current work situation). It picked up the imbalance in the back of my neck, as I had a concussion a year ago which resulted in neck problems. Along with so many other super cool things, it picked up that I would benefit from more B vitamins, more foods containing sulfur (broccoli, brussel sprouts), chamomile tea, cayenne pepper, the list goes on! I am sensitive to beer, cooked vegetable oil and cow hair ;). Oh also my kidneys need a good cleansing! I could go on forever about the things this device detects for you but I suppose the main things were that I need more grounding, connecting with nature, relaxation and oxygen (like cardio).

The coolest part was how the device is able to "clear" your blocks and imbalances... and today I can definitely feel some release happening. I've noticed a tremendous inclination to bond with nature, more than usual. Hence why I went for a long walk today and sat barefoot on the grass absorbing the energy from the sun! I feel good.

Leija gave me a few samples of some extremely delicious smelling herbal teas as well as a few spoonfuls of chlorella! I put some of that in my smoothie today and danced around my room. My favourite thing to do to boost my mood and get some cardio without even noticing.

Ahhh here's the cool picture of my aura!! You can see the aura goes outside the lines, meaning it is powerful!

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