Monday, June 13, 2011

Braces Off!!

It has been a long wait, I can tell ya that.
I had braces for 2.5 years and I can't even really use words to describe how lovely this feels. But I suppose if I must use words, I'd say that it's like jumping from a cloud onto a rainbow and then sliding down it into a warm lake filled with bubbles.
My teeth feel so smooth and beautiful! I got a retainer too and I chose a cloud pattern with a butterfly on it, he he he. Isn't that creative? Oh it's pouring outside all of a sudden.

The actual procedure to remove the braces was... pretty uncomfortable, to say the least. Removing the individual brackets actually hurt a bit (everyone I've talked to has repeatedly told me it's painless) I guess I have sensitive teeth. The worst part though, however, was the dreaded cement/glue-remover tool. Oh god. The feeling is identical to scratching your fingernails on a chalkboard, except it's on your teeth. I actually thought I might have thrown up just because of how nauseating the feeling and sound was. It felt like my teeth were being carved off. I had to tell her it was making me nauseous because I was beginning to feel really sick from it. After that she just polished them up with a nice smooth tool and it was ok.

I don't really know what else to say about this wonderful experience. I'd say I kind of went through a lot having these braces. I had a baby canine tooth that needed to be pulled out in order for the permanent tooth (which was lodged up in the roof of my mouth somewhere) to come down. So for more than a year I had no canine tooth on my left side, and then I got surgery done where they cut open the roof of my mouth to attach a bracket to the lost tooth. For about 10 months it was being yanked down, which was pretty painful. Not to mention all of this happened when I was away at college and stuff. So it made it a bit worse the fact that I was a bit older having braces. It's definitely all worth it though!

My teeth weren't that bad though to begin with. But today was surely a long awaited day! I'm so happy :) If there's one thing I learned from having braces, it's patience.

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