Monday, May 16, 2011


I feel so connected.

I have been doing lots of yoga and meditating these days and I am feeling so deeply connected to myself. Connected to the deep layers within me, the thorough awareness, radiating Oneness and vibrant aliveness that is found at the core of our Being. I can feel my creative juices loosening and my mind clearing. The feelings that stretching brings, when you raise your arms up and bend to the side; when you swan-dive downwards and feel the stretch and expansion along your back; when you can feel the equalization of muscle relaxation and emotional release. I sometimes find myself feeling emotional when I am centering myself into the state of pure inner awareness as I breathe deeply and stretch my body.

I know for absolute certainty that all the fresh, lively, energetic raw foods from the Earth that I have been eating have been electrifying my soul and lifting my consciousness up and beyond. I have been reaping the benefits of a state of ultra mental clarity and peace and love and wonder and contentment and basically, if you take all the beautiful things in the world like trees and air and daisies and a waterfall and you squash them together into a molded form of love and then turn it into an effervescent spirit of exuberance and then breathe it in deeply, that's how I feel.

MAN I feel GOOD! You know what I'm feeling right now?


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