Monday, May 30, 2011

Bonfires & Outer Space Dreaming

The other night I went to my friend's friends house who lives on a huge piece of land with forest and beautifulness and he even sells organic produce! Anyway we went for a bonfire, some music and a good time. It was pretty cool. People were playing guitar and bongo drums and lots of singing and the best part was the super awesome conversation I had with a cool Robert Plant look-a-like guy :P We just talked wonderfully about yoga and philosophy and holistic health and Oneness and the Universe and speaking of the Universe...
The other night, for the second time ever, I dreamed I went to outer space. Just like the first time, it was so real and so damn COOL!


Myself and various people were in a very small capsule-shaped spaceship on a 3 day trip to Planet X. At one view of the dream, this capsule spaceship was extremely crammed and you had to either sit or bend down to fit. But from another view of the dream, the inside was a giant gymnasium with the walls painted pictures of the Earth and geographical layouts.
I was nervous travelling on this 3 day trip because I was worried the spaceship would break down or fall back down to Earth and we'd all die. But the trip was fine and we flew through the blackness, amongst the stars with perfect views of other planets we passed by. We arrived on Planet X, and I remember it was very quiet and beautiful and I hoped the rest of the population of Earth wouldn't come because then it would become busy and loud.

Anyways! Today I went and got the moldings for my retainer, oh boy oh boy oh boy!! My braces will be off in only 2 weeks!! I'm also seeing Sam Roberts in concert this Friday at Massey Hall in downtown Toronto! Can't wait!!

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